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Domain Introduction   - Great domain name is good start of online business.
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In our experience, a good domain name should be easy to be memorized by the visitors. A good domian name should represent the business of its website by its words which it is composed of. A good domain should includes the keywords which is used widely in searching information by internet users.

There are six distinct factors to value domain names:

1. Does it have use potential? - Does the domain name have great use potential in any particular field? Is the domain name well suited to anchor a commercial web site or non-profit organization? Is the domain name already trademarked? Example: or

2. Is it descriptiveness? - Is the Domain name descriptive in a way that adds value to your web content? What is its ability to be associated with content. Is the domain name highly brandable? Example: or .

3. Is it easy to spell correctly by hearing of? - What percentage is the possibility that the domain name will be spelled correctly after hearing it is spoken. Example:

4. The shorter length, the better effective?- Generally speaking, yes, it is, the lower the number of characters in the domain name, the higher the domain name value.

5. Which dot is most valuable? - What extension does the domain name have? Is it a .com, .net, .org, .edu, .cu, .biz, .info or other extension? Needless to say, the most valuable domain name absolutely belongs to Dot Com (.com) domain name extension. Consideration must be given and value must be ascribed to the business of the user and use context of the domain name.If you are running a business website, you can also choose .biz domain name extension as your website domina name.

6. Does it have "Search Engine Popularity"? - If a domain name has an existing, appreciable "search engine awareness" to search engines, the value of the domain name will be increased in proportion to its popularity.

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